Millions of people and businesses worldwide are experiencing these issues, are you?

  • Struggling to cope with constant change and disruption in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.
  • Finding it difficult to sustain positive changes beyond a few short days or weeks. 
  • Feeling like there is a deeper purpose or calling, but don't know what "it" is or how to action it. 
  • Trying unsuccessfully to break bad habits, that despite their best efforts continue to persist.  
  • Dealing with the challenges of mental burnout, emotional depletion and physical fatigue. 
Isn't it time to start doing things differently? 

Let's work together to Trance-form your REALITY and unleash your SUPER POWERS!

Unlock your super powers and maximise your success with Paul as your coach.

Trance-form your life and reality with Paul's powerful and unique approach to hypnosis. 


Train with Paul to update and upgrade your skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Testimonial from Internationally Acclaimed NLP Trainer James Tsakalos


"Paul Mischel is highly skilled both as a hypnotist and as a trainer.

I recommend this training if you’re interested in learning hypnosis or extending your hypnotic skill set."

James Tsakalos World Class NLP Trainer

Feedback from the 2 hour Self Hypnosis Freedom Session


"Paul is a wealth of knowledge and had the ability to simplify complex hypnotic processes so we could easily understand the drivers behind human behaviour. I valued his candour and no doubt he is an expert in his field."

K.V Workshop participant

Feedback from a very happy client!


"We wanted to provide you with feedback on the session with Paul Mischel. Paul’s workshop was fabulous. ALL staff commented on how much they enjoyed the session. Some actually indicated that this was the best training session they had attended."

S.C Strategic Procurement Coordinator

Corporate Consulting - LinkedIn Testimonial


"The programs Paul designed and facilitated for AHRI were of the highest quality and professional standards.

The evaluations and client feedback were testament to this, achieving consistent outstanding results.

With a wide range of clients from public to private sectors, Paul was able to modify his style to encourage participation along with an open learning environment.

I found Paul to be very personable, adaptable and engaging in his style, with both public programs he delivered for AHRI and in-house customised workshop solutions.

Paul's professionalism and enthusiasm for training shines through, from his innovative instructional program design capabilities to his interactive facilitation approach, ensuring successful outcomes.

I recommend Paul as a highly creative facilitator, who through his versatile delivery methods and techniques is able to achieve exceptional learning and development results that suit a variety of clients and organisations."

Leonie Pilgrim Corporate Accounts Manager, Australian HR Institute (AHRI)

Corporate Consulting - LinkedIn Testimonial


"I engaged Paul to deliver a variety of tailored training programs for my portfolio of clients.

Paul is very passionate, knowledgeable with regards to facilitating programs for a specific purpose or audience.

Paul often goes above and beyond as a consultant. I highly recommend Paul to anyone seeking a facilitator who not only values great results but return on investment for his services and expertise"

Sarah Ho Senior Consultant, Swinburne Professional

Corporate Consulting - LinkedIn Testimonial


"Paul is a dynamic and extremely knowledgeable facilitator.

I have partnered with Paul to deliver a range of training and have found his approach and style to compliment the needs of his stakeholders.

He has a depth and breadth of experience that accompanies his knowledge that make him an absolute asset.

He is diligent and extremely passionate about matching client needs to the training provided."

I have found his professional approach has meant that we have delivered some outstanding results.

I am sure Paul will be an asset to which ever team he works in. I hope I get the pleasure of partnering with him again.

Shaun Davis Director

Corporate Consulting - LinkedIn Testimonial


"Paul delivered a range of programs for my clients. He is an innovative and intelligent program designer with an engaging and energetic delivery style.

I always found Paul to be dedicated, thorough and thoughtful in his preparation. I was always confident of a successful program outcome when Paul was involved."

Allison Campbell Change Manager

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