Imagine having Hypnotic Super Powers that you can use anywhere, anytime and with anyone?

When you study Hypnosis with Paul Mischel, you will learn how natural and easy it is to incorporate powerful hypnotic communication and hypnotic processes into your approach. 

On completion of your hypnosis training, you will feel like you possess an amazing Super Power that massively increases your competence, confidence, charisma, influence and persuasiveness regardless of your industry or profession!

Why Would You Want To Learn Hypnosis?

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to learn hypnosis and how to communicate hypnotically:

  • You are a health professional or you are working in a helping profession and are looking to learn how to incorporate hypnotic processes into your practice in order to enhance treatment outcomes.
  • You have studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or trained in Hypnotherapy and want to take a deeper dive into practical hypnotic processes and their applications.
  • You are a life or executive coach and you want to really facilitate profound transformation with your clients. 
  • You work with athletes and you are seeking to enhance their sporting performance through the application of hypnotic processes.
  • You are a parent and you want to learn how you can help your children tap into their inner potential and facilitate positive experiences for them.
  • You're a hobbyist and may have read books and watched videos on hypnosis but as yet haven't taken the steps to formally study it.
  • You're intrigued and fascinated by the subject of hypnosis and simply want to learn more about it.

Here's A Snapshot of Some Of What You Will Learn

  • Trance-form the way you communicate by learning how to create hypnotic language that sounds natural and conversational
  • Learn to see what others miss or dismiss by paying attention to naturally occurring behavioural cues that indicate a person is highly suggestible in the moment. 
  • Build rapport with people's unconscious minds and create magical hypnotic and trance-formational experiences with them.
  • Connect more deeply with your own unconscious mind by learning to facilitate your own hypnotic experiences.
  • Build your powers of suggestion and persuasion by learning how to effectively combine the direct, indirect, permissive and authoritarian approaches.
  • Use simple, easy and rapid hypnotic processes in ways that substantially increase the chances of you achieving a successful outcome.
  • Leverage naturally occuring hypnotic phenomena and know how to expertly amplify and deepen hypnotic experiences.
  • Structure powerful post hypnotic suggestions that the unconscious mind will act on in an ethical manner. 
  • Cultivate and hone your irresistibly hypnotic voice. Learn how to use unique vocal enhancements that subtly and subconsciously promote altered states of consciousness.
  • Masterfully evoke and work with hypnotic phenomena such as  catalepsy, hypnotic pain management and anaesthesia, accelerated healing, enhanced memory, amnesia and integration of learning plus much more!
  • Know how to facilitate hypnosis with anyone, anywhere and at anytime without the use of props or scripts. 

Why You Should Learn Hypnosis with Paul

  • Paul has over 20 years experience working in private practice as a successful Clinical Hypnotherapist and has successfully worked with a broad range of issues.
  • Possessing international training and keynote presentation experience, Paul has facilitated and trained in excess of 15,000 people across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa.
  • He is an accomplished NLP Trainer and completed a 5 year NLP Trainer's apprenticeship under internationally acclaimed NLP Trainer James Tsakalos and was also trained and certified by the late Master NLP Trainer Roger Deaner.  
  • Paul integrates the most progressive thinking in Hypnosis and NLP into his approach and has trained extensively with internationally recognised trainers such as James Tripp, Anthony and Freddy Jacquin, Ines Simpson, Rick Collingwood, Christina Hall, Jonathan Altfeld, Jim Goulding, Joanne Goulding, Richard Hill and Justin Tranz.
  • Paul receives strong advocacy from cancer and plastic surgeons and breast care nurses from Melbourne's Cabrini Hospital. He is a preferred point of referral for hypnosis relating to pain management, accelerated healing and chemotherapy related side effects.
  • Paul has a reputation as the "Therapist's therapist", and is widely sought after by fellow Allied Health Practitioners to assist them in working through their own physical, mental and emotional concerns and to train and coach them in growing their practitioner skills and business acumen. 
  • As a deeply experienced executive and life coach, Paul has clients all over the world who seek out his eclectic approach to facilitating transformational change.  
  • Paul is regularly commissioned to design and facilitate training programs for some of the best known training organisations in the Corporate Training industry. He regularly facilitates programs on hypnotic communication, mindfulness, influence, persuasion and negotiation for Senior leaders and the teams of multinational and ASX 20 companies. 

How is the training structured?

The Hypnosis training is intelligently designed and crafted to assist you to rapidly learn hypnotic skills that you can apply immediately

Within minutes of commencing the program you will be applying hypnotic principles and processes.

Paul's focus is on making sure you gain practical skills and that you have the confidence and competence to facilitate another person's hypnotic experience without the use of scripts or props. His training style is engaging, playful and fun. Most importantly, Paul demonstrates the hypnotic skills you are seeking to learn; so expect plenty of formal and informal hypnotic demonstrations during the program and on the breaks.

Added Bonus! 

Receive FREE Access To The Secret Online Hypnosis Group
As an additional program bonus, you will be invited to join a secret Facebook group. You will receive ongoing online support, additional learning materials and bonus video footage that will help you to accelerate your development and embed your skills.

Upcoming Workshop Schedule

Melbourne Hypnosis Training

2023 Dates 

Level 2, Suite 3 & 4
10a Atherton Rd,
Oakleigh, VIC 

Brisbane Hypnosis Training

October 2023  Dates 
October 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th

M1 Business Centre 
7/3972 Pacific Hwy,
Loganholme, QLD

Course Investment

The full investment for the program including bonus access to the Secret online Hypnosis Group and bonus video content is 

$1,795 inc gst.

Early Bird Discounts

Pay in full by the following dates to receive your early bird discount.

Early Bird 1  $1495 - Expires July 31st

Early bird 2 $1595 - August 30th

Early bird 3 $1695 - September 30th

Payment Plan Option

Want to space your payments out?
We've got you covered!

Take advantage of the payment plan.

Make 4 payments of only $448.75 to secure your spot today!

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