Self Identity

Anytime you use an “I am” statement you’re defining yourself.

I am a Leader.” “I am an Employee.” “I am a Father.” “I am a Mother.

The “I am” statement is one of THE most powerful statements you can make about yourself.

It also might be the case, that your I am statement is too narrowly defined. If you define who you are too narrowly, it may be blinding you to the opportunities that await you, if you were to simply expand your definition.

Recently, I was coaching a client who is navigating the complexities of running a small Skincare business with 7 staff that has been shut down during the Stage 4 COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria. It became apparent during our coaching sessions that defining themselves as a Skincare Consultant and Salon Owner was curtailing their opportunities during the temporary closing of their business.

By redefining their role from Skincare Consultant to Staff Trainer or Marketer, a whole vista of opportunities and strategies emerged that they could use to keep their staff and customers engaged and learning while preparing for the eventual reopening of the business.

Remote learning, Knowledge Management, staff induction training, flexible working, customer engagement strategies, customer experience strategies and liberating creativity and innovation within their team all became possibilities by simply playing with new definitions of their identity.

This client now has a tonne of strategic and important work to do during the shutdown that will keep them blissfully productive while they hibernate the business.

If you’re feeling stuck at the present moment, then have a play with redefining yourself or your role. Then explore what fully embracing that new identity might enable you to explore and action.

You may be pleasantly surprised at what opportunities suddenly become available to you.

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Paul Mischel

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Unlock Unforgettable Communication
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