Learn how to seamlessly integrate Hypnosis with NLP & take your skills to the next level!

Has your NLP training or Hypnosis training been bolted on?

I've found over the decades I have been in the field, that NLP processes are often bolted on to hypnotherapy training programs. The NLP components are usually delivered by people who aren't competent NLP trainers and often don't know how the NLP processes really work.

Likewise, hypnosis is often bolted on to NLP trainings as a component of the training. It is commonly delivered by trainers who, use scripts and haven't had dedicated and comprehensive hypnosis training. These trainers don't really know how the hypnotic processes work and most of them have never been in private clinical practice as a hypnotherapist.

Using Hypnotic NLP is like catching lightning in a bottle!

If you've watched some of my Youtube clips or been on my hypnosis training, you know how powerful hypnotic processes and protocols can be.

NLP processes are also potent in their own right and can be used without using "hypnotic" protocols. This is the way they're commonly taught and learned on most NLP trainings. 

However, when you know how to incorporate and utilise NLP processes inside of a hypnotic approach, it's like catching lightning in a bottle and your success as a practitioner goes through the roof!

Hypnotic NLP is a synthesis of over 20 years of clinical experience.

For the past 20+ years I have been in private practice as a clinical Hypnotherapist and for the past 12 years I have been a certified NLP trainer. From tens of thousands of hours of experience, I know intimately how both approaches work and more importantly how they integrate seamlessly.

Hypnotic NLP is the synthesis of my knowledge from these aligned fields and incorporates my unique take on how to apply them simultaneously. 

If you're a Hypnotherapist, Life / Business / Executive Coach, NLPer, Counsellor or Health Practitioner looking to take your skills to a whole new level, then Hypnotic NLP will teach you how to achieve outstanding results with your clients.

Why Hypnotic NLP is a game changer for you!

  • Learn Paul's practical and no nonsense approach to working with clients using NLP techniques and hypnosis with no scripts or props.
  • Learn a simple and elegant process for creating trance-fomational change that enables your clients to readily change their behaviours.
  • Tap into the virtual reality capabilities of your client's brains to build newer and more compelling futures.
  • Leverage incredibly powerful resource states and capitalise on a strengths based approach to facilitating trance-formational change.
  • Help clients effortlessly and safely regress to past experiences and help change their perceptions of the past while orienting positively to the future.   
  • Discover how you can bullet proof a client's desired outcomes and get buy in and support from their unconscious mind.
  • Use somatic and spatial mapping to work holographically with your clients.
  • Map and adjust the coding of subjective human experience to alter limiting beliefs and the perception of experiences.   
  • Work in perfect partnership with your client's unconscious mind to create generative and long lasting change. 
  • Increase the therapeutic density of your sessions and maximise your time, minimise your efforts and amplify your results.
  • Know how to facilitate anyone, anywhere and at anytime without the use of props or scripts.

Why You Should Train with Paul

  • Paul has over 20 years experience working in private practice as a successful Clinical Hypnotherapist and has successfully worked with a broad range of issues.
  • Possessing international training and keynote presentation experience, Paul has facilitated and trained in excess of 15,000 people across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa.
  • He is an accomplished NLP Trainer and completed a 5 year NLP Trainer's apprenticeship under internationally acclaimed NLP Trainer James Tsakalos and was also trained and certified by the late Master NLP Trainer Roger Deaner.  
  • Paul integrates the most progressive thinking in Hypnosis and NLP into his approach and has trained extensively with numerous internationally recognised trainers such as James Tsakalos, Roger Deaner, Sean Healy, James Tripp, Anthony and Freddy Jacquin, Ines Simpson, Rick Collingwood, Christina Hall, Jonathan Altfeld, Jim Goulding, Joanne Goulding and Richard Hill.
  • Paul receives strong advocacy from cancer surgeons and plastic surgeons and breast care nurses from Melbourne's Cabrini Hospital. He is a preferred point of referral for hypnosis relating to pain management, accelerated healing and chemotherapy related side effects.
  • Paul has a reputation as the "Therapist's therapist", and is widely sought after by fellow Allied Health Practitioners to assist them in working through their own physical, mental and emotional concerns and to train and coach them in growing their practitioner skills and business acumen. 
  • As a deeply experienced executive and life coach, Paul has clients all over the world who seek out his eclectic approach to facilitating transformational change.  
  • Paul is regularly commissioned to design and facilitate training programs for some of the best known training organisations in the Corporate Training industry. He regularly facilitates programs on hypnotic communication, mindfulness, influence, persuasion and negotiation for Senior leaders and the teams of multinational and ASX 20 companies. 

Prerequisites for the Hypnotic NLP training program

Hypnotic NLP training follows on from Paul's Hypnosis Training  and is designed to deepen the skills you have already learned and radically expand your toolbox of techniques. 

In this program it is assumed that you are already competent with the use of hypnotic techniques and processes and have received prior training in hypnosis or NLP and can elegantly facilitate people's subjective experience. 

How is the Hypnotic NLP training program structured?

Hypnotic NLP training uses NLP and Hypnosis to help you learn NLP patterns and Hypnosis in a practical and embodied manner.

There are no text books or dry lecture style presentations. Expect real demonstrations and plenty of opportunities to apply your new skill sets in structured activities.

Paul's key focus is on making sure you gain practical skills and that you have the confidence and competence to facilitate another person's experience without the use of scripts or props. His training style is engaging, playful and fun. Most importantly, Paul demonstrates the NLP and hypnotic skills you are seeking to learn; so expect plenty of formal and informal demonstrations during the program and on the breaks.

Added Bonus! 

Receive FREE Access To The Secret Hypnotic NLP Group
As an additional program bonus, you will be invited to join a secret Facebook group. You will receive ongoing online support, additional learning materials and bonus video footage that will help you to accelerate your development and embed your skills.

Upcoming Workshop Schedule

Hypnotic NLP Training

Melbourne, VIC

To Be Confirmed Early 2020

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